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Harmy Star Wars 1080p Wallpapers


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Harmy Star Wars 1080p Wallpapers



Youll probably find quite a few options, though you may want to verify checksums after downloading to ensure you received an unaltered copyBut thats an unreasonable thing to upload for something like thisAuthorTV's FrinkTime15-Feb-2016 9:29 AMI kind of want to watch thatAuthordlvhTime15-Feb-2016 6:49 PMThis is looking to be a very interesting projectHarmy did a wonderful job of De-Specializing Star Wars, but as you mentioned, some of the colors, lean a bit too much to the green side, and others colors are a bit jarringSorry I hadnt got to it last night


I did not flatten and desaturate the film as a whole QuoteReportQuoteReport IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE DESPECIALIZED EDITIONS, PLEASE READ THE FIRST POSTS OF THESE THREADS, WHICH HAVE UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION: SW, ESB, ROTJ, 97SE RE-ED IF YOU DONT FIND WHAT YOURE LOOKING FOR THERE, TRY ASKING IN THE APPROPRIATE THREADS - MOST REGULAR POSTERS KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS AND SOMEONE WILL LIKELY BE ABLE TO HELP YOUI know how you treat us newbies and we dont appreciate your exclusive cabal mentalityDownload Torrent: Star Wars Despecialized v2.5 Remastered + Harmy Documentary 1080p AC3 5.1 Sphinctone1.QuoteReportI did some extra manual and automatic cleanup and stabilization, and did my best to match the color, contrast, grain, and sharpness to surrounding shotsI have not been able to get this method to work properly (it reports most of the download links as dead), so while you can try it using these instructions, know that you may not have very much luck.Update: A few of you noted that you got the JDownlader method working with the help of this YouTube video, so if youre trying to go the more official method, give it a shot! HanDuet, uploader of the above video, has also provided new instructions in collaboration with Harmy for obtaining the films.Update 2: HanDuet reached out to us to emphasize that the official download method as described in The Ultimate Introductory Guide is now significantly easier and under continuing development through direct collaboration with Harmy


He plans to adjust his color timing for his version 3.0Remember to use a VPN or proxy to keep yourself anonymous when you download.I know that seems like a lot of hassle, but trust me: once youve watched the Despecialized Editions, youll never go back.Reply624 repliesLeave a reply You may also likeThe ConcourseLook At This Fucking AssholeToday 12:31pmJalopnikThis Is The Tesla Model 3 Way Before You're Supposed To See ItToday 11:20amThe ConcourseJeopardy! Contestant Biffs Gimme NBA Question, Loses EverythingToday 12:48pmRecent from Whitson Gordon2859924.4KLifehacker Eric RavenscraftHow to Create an Attractive, Customized Desktop HUD with Rainmeter1/04/17 1:30pm1701212.6MLifehacker Whitson GordonThe Best Time to Buy Anything During the Year1/01/17 4:15pm14143165.4KLifehacker Whitson GordonHow to Survive the Perils of New Year's Eve12/31/16 11:00amAuthorchyron8472Time16-Feb-2016 11:24 AM Edited 16-Feb-2016 11:24 AMI already went through the film and gave towne some feedback on certain shots/scenesI went up to 18 CBRI know how you treat us newbies and we dont appreciate your exclusive cabal mentality


Download Star Wars Despecialized v2.5 Remastered + Harmy Documentary 1080p AC3 5.1 Sphinctone1 torrent (view torrent info) now: [ DOWNLOAD TORRENT ] Authortowne32Time14-Feb-2016 2:25 PM Edited 28-Dec-2016 11:07 AMEdit 2: Despecialized 2.7 builds off of 2.6 with additional color changes, mostly removing some green from the desert and Death StarYoull want to export lagarith or some other form of lossless avi and then encode with x264AuthorTV's FrinkTime15-Feb-2016 7:45 AMHow do I download this? If you dont want us newbies to have access maybe you should just not post about it at allIt features a Hindi track and Project Threepio v9.2 subtitlesThe creators also request that you legally own a copy of the Star Wars Blu-Rays, so that even if you arent on the most solid legal ground, youre on solid moral is the most official place to download the Despecialized Edition, though obtaining it can be a fairly complex process using a download manager (like FreeRapid Downloader or JDownloader)Log InSign UpBrowse StoriesInformationEnterprise PlanAboutBlogJobsSupportReport AbuseAuthorHarmyTime15-Feb-2016 1:38 PMWell, the main thing is what are you using to make your color adjustments cant wait to see how it turns out QuoteReportSORRY BUT I AM NOT THE LOCAL INFO BOOTH

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